Bowline DBM

 Bowline Demineralized Bone Matrix Syringe Bowline Demineralized Bone Matrix


Promote bone growth with natural, bone morphogenic proteins.

The Bowline Demineralized Bone Matrix (DBM) contains natural bone morphogenic proteins (BMPs), including BMP-2 and BMP-7, which stimulate the production of new bone. Formats, including DBM Putty and Crunch Putty, double as a scaffold for new bone growth. Bowline DBM is intended for use as filler for bony defects, and is commonly used in trauma and orthopedic procedures including total joint revision/reconstruction, spinal fusion, and treatment of cysts and extremity injuries.

Advantages of Bowline DBM

  • • 100% bone formulation with  no synthetic carriers
  • • Format options include DBM Putty  and Crunch Putty
  • • Easy-to-use formulation resists  dilution with irrigation
  • • Osteoinductive potential
  • • Storage at room temperature

Bowline Demineralized Bone Matrix Chart





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