Amniotic Membrane Grafts for Healthcare Professionals

Tides Medical products are FDA approved and U.S. manufactured. For a complete list of our products please see the products page.

Human amniotic membrane grafts have been used in a clinical settings since the early 1900s. In vivo studies show the adhesion barrier properties of amniotic membrane grafts help reduce scar tissue formation and scar attachment1. Studies also show they enhance the wound-healing process.

  • • Non-immunogenic
  • • Reduces inflammation
  • • Adhesion barrier/reduces scar tissue
  • • Contains essential growth factors

Healthcare professionals can contact Tides Medical for more information about our amniotic membrane grafts by calling 888.494.4441 or completing our contact form.

1 H and H. Fan. Implantationof Amniotic Membrane to Reduce Postlaminectomy Epidural Adhesion, Eur Spine J. 2009 Aug; 18(8): 1202-12

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