Tides Medical Announces Creation of Podiatric Advisory Board

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Tides Medical recently created a podiatric advisory board, which consists of top podiatrists in the world from both academic and private practice. Tides Medical is based out of Lafayette, La., and is a leading innovator in the growing field of ...

Amnio from Head to Toe

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Applications and Future Directions for Dehydrated Amniotic Tissue Grafts   The use of amniotic tissue grafts has evolved greatly since the early 20th century when amnion was harvested in a hospital’s maternity ward then promptly applied in its burn unit. In addition ...

Amniotic Tissue ABC

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Regenerative medicine is a rapidly evolving field that leverages innovation in biotechnology to repair or replace human cells and tissues to restore normal function. The long-awaited promise of channeling the body’s own repair mechanisms via bioengineering is, at last, a ...