Tides Medical Announces Creation of Podiatric Advisory Board

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Tides Medical recently created a podiatric advisory board, which consists of top podiatrists in the world from both academic and private practice. Tides Medical is based out of Lafayette, La., and is a leading innovator in the growing field of amniotic tissue grafts.


Members of Tides Medical Advisory Board will help the company develop world-class clinical research in the fast-growing amniotic tissue for transplant market.


Amnio from Head to Toe

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Applications and Future Directions for Dehydrated Amniotic Tissue Grafts


The use of amniotic tissue grafts has evolved greatly since the early 20th century when amnion was harvested in a hospital’s maternity ward then promptly applied in its burn unit. In addition to their early applications in burns, ulcers and large wounds, ophthalmologists have used amniotic grafts since the 1940’s for conjunctival defects. Use of amniotic membrane waned for a few decades until proper tissue preservation methodologies emerged in the mid 1990’s. The past decade has seen renewed interest in amniotic tissue with applications in a wide range of surgical fields.


The efficacy of amniotic grafts as a wound covering has been well studied over decades in high-quality peer-reviewed medical journals. The same properties that protect the baby from rejection by the mother’s immune system and from infection in utero are harnessed to lower inflammation and protect against bacteria in the healing of wounds in the eye and soft tissues.



Amniotic Tissue ABC

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Regenerative medicine is a rapidly evolving field that leverages innovation in biotechnology to repair or replace human cells and tissues to restore normal function. The long-awaited promise of channeling the body’s own repair mechanisms via bioengineering is, at last, a reality.


Amniotic tissue grafts are one of the most promising regenerative technologies. Amniotic tissue was first used just over 100 years ago as a skin substitute over burns and ulcers. However, it took advances in processing and sterilization technologies to bring the tissue into common usage.