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Innovation. Regeneration.

We are a leading provider of spinal orthopedic and sterile biologic implants. We offer the most advanced products to promote and speed the natural healing of bone and tissues.

Tides Medical: Delivering Tomorrow's Healthcare. Today.

Customer Benefits

• Innovative biologic and orthopedic products

• Superb customer service

• Access to outcomes research tools to measure and gather data on product efficacy

Backed by Research

Tides Medical products are backed by extensive clinical research. We encourage ongoing efforts to study clinical outcomes associated with our products. Tides Medical researchers can offer assistance with study design, methods, and data analysis.

Our Clients Matter

Our focus is on our customers by proving patients with safe, effective therapies, physicians with reliable surgical products, and distributors and hospitals with reliable inventory and personalized service.

Tides Medical News

Regenerative medicine is a rapidly evolving field that leverages innovation in biotechnology to repair or replace human cells ...
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